Things you probably didn’t know about Tennis

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BY Muthoni
6:12 am March 30, 2018

About Tennis and its History

Tennis lovers probably know all the gaming facts about Tennis that not everyone knows about. But for the person interested in more than the deeper details, you will probably enjoy these facts (both past and recent) about Tennis.

  • The origin- Who and when invented the Tennis game?

Most of you probably have no clue that Tennis originated from Great Britain more specifically Wales (UK). It was known as Sphairistike back in 1873 when introduced by Major Walter Wingfield which means “playing ball” in Greek. This was also the first time the game was introduced on an outdoor lawn.

  • Fans and Players vs. Strawberries. Why are there so many strawberries at the Championships in Wimbledon?

Twenty four tons of Kent strawberries are ordered at Wimbledon every year. Let’s just say the championships are not complete without the strawberries as both the fans and players are fans of this delicious fruit. The players’ restaurant has some particular regulars and serves over five hundred portions. Among the strawberry fans are the likes of Stan Wawrinka, Nick Kyrgios, Bryan Bothers; but wait, there are the fans that can’t get enough of them; Simona Halep grabs herself three bowls a day while Ekaterina Makarova goes for two bowls a day and Karolina Pliskova likes her berries with cream!

  • Grass is still greener on the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Side

Wimbledon is the remaining major tournament that is still played on grass as was first played in 1877. Grass, compared to other surfaces provides the fastest tennis game. So what surfaces do the other major tournaments use? First off, what are the major tennis tournaments? There are four major tournaments played annually; they are referred to as the Grand Slams. They include:

  • Wimbledon- Played on grass
  • Australian Open- Played on hard courts
  • US Open- Played on hard courts
  • French Open- Played on clay
  • Women who first played Tennis wore full-length dresses on the courts

The tennis we know today was nothing like what it was when it was first introduced. Women back then wore full-length dresses on the courts and that did not stop a good game from going down. But of course considering how fast this game is and the amount of energy it needs, the lighter you are, the better. This is why the likes of Henry “Bunny” Austin introduced the shorts to the courts in Wimbledon in 1932.




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