Life after Tennis- What Changes?

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BY Muthoni
8:06 am April 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered to yourself what happens to the Tennis players after retirement? Considering these people built their entire lives around the game, what happens to them after they step down from the game and live their lives off the court? We look into the life of former World No.1 tennis player Bjorn Rune Borg.

Bjorn boasts of being the first male professional to win 11 Grand Slam titles. At his time, he won 41% of the Grand Slams which is quite a massive chunk for a single player. He was riveted with tennis the first time he saw his father win a golden racket at a table tennis tournament. He was a naturally skilled player even at a young age and caught the attention of Coach Percy Rosberg who nurtured him professionally.

Bjorn announced his retirement in 1983 at the age of 26, though he did try a comeback after persuasion from coaches and fans and ended up fully retiring in 1991.

Following his retirement, Bjorn founded his fashion line; Bjorn Borg label (a sportswear and underwear line) which has currently grown to a very successful business and seconds Calvin Klein in Sweden. We can say that though he is off the court, Bjorn is still quite successful at something and is still winning in his own way.

He currently holds an estimated net worth of over 28 million dollars and this is projected to rise given the success of his current business.

Bjorn Borg label has over 40 stores worldwide with some countries having multiple stores. The stores are located in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium and are probably expanding to other countries.  Other than the physical stores, Bjorn has an online store  where goods can be shipped worldwide where the physical stores are not present.

Bjorn’s career in Tennis might have come to a hold suddenly but that was never the end of his life. He started a new career out of passion and even specializes in tennis wear. This shows his passion for success even without necessarily being on the court.


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