Introducing Your Child to Tennis

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BY Muthoni
2:30 pm April 2, 2018

There are parents who would like their children to be tennis players but probably have no idea how or where to start. Some people argue that tennis is an inborn gift while others (like us) believe that it is a skill that is nurtured to perfection and through simple yet fun steps, children too can be introduced to the sport and play professionally or just for fun.

Here a few tactics on how to make your child a tennis lover

  • Watch the game with them- If your child spends a good number of hours in front of the TV, you have a good chance of capturing them by watching a game of tennis together.

This way, you can begin explaining the basics to them as you watch, also try involving some questions to see if they understand and if they don’t just brush over it and move on casually; they will eventually get it.

  • Play with them- if you already understand the game, you can introduce the tools to them and casually play with them as you keep explaining the basics.

Make the game easy and fun and don’t impose rules that will strain them until they are beginning to master the concepts.

You don’t have to play in a professional court; a modified court in your backyard will do just fine.

  • Professional environment- in the event that your child seems to grasp the concept and is still interested in the game, you can go further and introduce them to the real tennis environment.

Go watch a game of tennis with your child and remind them of the things you’ve seen on TV or what you’ve played in your backyard court.

This will give them a better understanding of the rules of the game and they may even ask you questions on their own.

Next step should involve the child playing on a real court, with other players and being trained by a pro other than mom and dad.

This step will give the child more knowledge of the rules of the game and the exposure to a real match.

From there, you can be sure that your kid will be equipped with the right gear to play a tennis match professionally.

You could introduce them to their school tennis team if there is one or a local kid’s tennis club and a professional trainer for a few hours a week if you can afford.

It’s simple as that; you have yourself a little tennis pro in the making.





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