Greatest Women in Tennis

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BY Muthoni
8:15 am April 13, 2018

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The tennis sport has been dominated by some particular names and faces that we will forever remember. Some of these names are still in existence while some of them are no longer in play, either way; these are some of the greatest women to have ever played tennis.  

Serena Williams

Williams happens to be the woman with the most powerful serve on the court. The recently new mom and the 23-time Grand Slam Champion has hit records that no woman has been able to break so far. Serena who has consistently shown resilience and determination on the courts has some unique and memorable achievements that bring her to the top of our ranking, just as she has been the top in the world ranking for many years. Serena beat her own sister Venus Williams in the Opera and broke a tie with Steffi Graf earning herself her 23rd Grand Slam title. We cannot fail to mention the fact that Williams accomplished one of the rarest titles; the Serena Slams by consecutively winning the French Open, Wimbledon, U.S Open, and Australian Open respectively. Her Greatest achievement so far is her fighting spirit amid bodily injuries and illnesses, but the top of them all is her newest title; mom.

Steffi Graf

Graf is remembered for being one of the most public figures in tennis. She boasts of being the first ever tennis player to win a calendar-year Grand Slam and Olympic gold medal. She was also the only player to win all four majors singles twice in two different decades, she also won the all four majors singles at least four times and on all four different tennis surfaces.

Graf was the first player to beat the top three seeds in a major. Graf started her tennis career at the age of three and by 13 she was the second youngest player to earn an international ranking. After going pro at 18, she went on to become the number one singles player for 186 straight weeks; a record that was later broken by Federer I August 2007.

Martina Navratilova

Martina was a true champion at her era and became the best women’s double player with 31 Slam titles. She was a resilient fighter who took in criticism with positivity after public jeering about her body and being out of shape. She took up physical conditioning and this allowed to her to beat almost everyone she faced off on the court. She won a total of 18 Grand Slams with 9 of them at Wimbledon. She remains a legend to this day.

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