Federer Slammed by Ion Tiriac- Here’s the reason why

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BY Muthoni
8:12 am April 13, 2018

Why is Tiriac ranting so much about Federer’s recent announcement?

World no.2 champion Roger Federer said he would not be playing any matches on the clay court this season. This would probably be due to his recent defeat or maybe just personal reasons. However, not everyone took this news with ease. There were several reactions from fellow players but Ion Tiriac seemed to have the most to say.

Tiriac said that Federer’s decision to skip the clay court season was not called for and termed it as “behaving incorrectly.” “Roger Federer is certainly the best player ever, but he does not behave correctly. I do not think his approach is fair.”

Tiriac who is a professional ice hockey player says Federer’s behaviour will not be tolerated in other professional and elite sports.

If Federer is indeed going to keep off the clay courts as per his announcement, this means he will not be playing until June in Halle at the Gerry Weber Open.

However, Federer is the world champ and the greatest man in the world of tennis so far. If he says he will not be playing then who are we to judge? The almost 37-year-old needs rest more than ever and we all know how gruelling clay can be.

He has the right to keep off and play on a much tolerable surface if he wants to. In our opinion, Federer has the choice of either going slow on his body and playing for at least the next two to three years or going hard now and retiring by the end of the clay season due to bodily injury.

We all saw what the Clay surface has done to No-1 Rafael Nadal, he has been recouping from injuries for months yet he has barely started his career as a Grand Slam Champion.

Tiriac had much to say about the Grand slam as well. He expressed his concern about the prize money earned at the Grand Slams saying that it was unfair for both men and women to be earning the same amount of money at the tournament.

Tiriac who hosts the Madrid Open says that men are “fed-up” with the pay equality.

“That’s where we mix politics with business,” he said. “I’m hosting the tournament in Madrid, with the same prize money for men and women.

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