Underarm serve; Could this be Nadal’s weakness?

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BY Muthoni
12:44 pm April 26, 2018

Simon Briggs suggests use of underarm serve to weaken Nadal

Nadal’s opponents have been advised that the use of the underarm serve is what will bring the player down. We have noticed that in the recent months, he restructured his position and sticks behind the baseline in order to give him enough response to players with stronger serves.

This is what allows the world number one to break regularly giving him the edge over his opponents.

Tennis Podcast expert Simon Briggs is of the opinion that players should finally catch the Spaniard out. Nadal will be defending his title this week in the Barcelona Open as he always has over the last decade.

This is the reason Briggs recommends that players try the underarm serve. He hopes Nadal will have a harder time on the court.

The Underarm Serve- Yay or neigh?

In the Tennis Podcast, Briggs said, “Clay is the hardest surface of which to achieve a surprise result. Craig O’Shannessy, the analyst and coach, has suggested that somebody should try an underarm serve because Rafa is standing to receive the serve so far back.

“If you are behind the court you almost can’t see him.

“That has become his strategy because it gives him time to take a full swing at the ball.

“There was talk that throwing in an underarm serve would be against the spirit of the game for tactic reasons.

“But I don’t see that at all. I think it would be fascinating and would disrupt what he is doing at the moment.”

David Law, however, has his doubts concerning the underarm serve tactic. He argues that it’s not something you can constantly do. You can only really do that once, can’t you?” He said.

“It would only win you one point. Once you’ve thrown in your underarm serve it is no longer a surprise tactic, is it?”

That is a strong point coming from Law. We hope to see someone with a ploy that would work to permanently distract the world number 1.


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